Working hard, or hardly working?

Well wouldn’t you know it, survey says….(ding-ding-ding)  Hardly Workin’!!  Well, duh, right?  Of course there are the super-focused, always vigilant ears-pinned-back and nose to the grindstone types on the staff, but most of us I’d say, like to hit a productivity milestone at some point during the day, and then reward ourselves for that efficiency with a little break.  Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

According to the new survey, the average worker only spends FOUR hours and 12 minutes actively working during an eight-hour workday.  The biggest distractions are:  Surfing the Internet, social media, and texting. The survey asked people to list the things they’re doing when they’re not zeroed in on work, and the top five distractions are:  Surfing the Internet . . . social media . . . texting . . . bathroom breaks . . . and socializing with coworkers. Other responses include:  Snack breaks . . . coffee breaks . . . “reading and drawing” . . . watching TV . . . phone calls . . . and childcare.When asked WHY they’re not busier at work, common responses were:  There are lulls in tasks . . . waiting on coworkers to finish . . . they’re not motivated . . . they’re distracted by personal situations . . . and the “environment is not ideal.”


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