Wobble-Wheel Kind of Day

One of “those” days.  You know what I’m talking about.  I tried two shopping carts while grocery shopping.  One cart had a stuck (or locked-up) front wheel, and the second shopping cart was afflicted with wobble-wheel.  I settled on the wobble-wheel shopping cart.  I thought about choosing the cart with the locked-up wheel, because I’d mark my trail throughout the store, and if family wanted to find me, they could just follow the trail.  The wobble-wheel, kind of, rocked the shopping cart a little, from time to time, during my shopping.  I thought – Rock n’ Roll Baby!  None of that is really a big deal, in the grand scheme of things, is it?  It just had me thinking that, sometimes, I have those wobble-wheel kind of days.  I suppose those days are better than the stuck-wheel days.  I’d rather be rockin’.  You know me.  As you see in my shopping cart, I just left the produce department, and was making a stop to restock on Down Home green onion flavored sausages.  Down Home Meats (the pride of Stonewall, Louisiana) is a part of the Blue Plate Special again today, when we’ll be rockin’ you through your lunch break.  Prior to that, though, the Gig Guide (around 11:50am) with some local bands being added, along with area concerts, festivals and other events.   Bobby kicks of the 98 Minute Commercial-Free Music Meltdown around 9:38am every work-day morning, and then I continue the commercial-free rock, when I get in at 10am.  Thanks for rockin’ with 98Rocks, whether it’s on your car radio, the 98Rocks app or on the website at 98Rocks.fm .




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