With the Current Virus Situation, I’m Stocked For a Few Weeks!

With the current virus situation, I have various grub in the fridge and cabinets at home, and in the TomsMaHauL.com motorhome , including plenty of Down Home sausages (of course), but now I’ll be able to do plenty of snacking.  Thanks to our weekend rocker, Lady B., for the huge container of pork rinds!  If I manage to sneak out of town in the rv this weekend, and next week (to an undisclosed location), I’ll be away from the population, with plenty of pork rinds.. HELLYEAH!  That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout! 

Pork rinds can get you in trouble, though.  I have a quick story to share here.  Back in the late 70s, my wife & I went to a see a movie at a local Shreveport theater, and we snuck in some pork rinds (in my wife’s purse).  During the movie, we snacked on those pork rinds.  Suddenly, I was interrupted by a bright flashlight shining from the isle in my direction.  I was motioned to follow the officer, when, in the lobby, I was told that other theater viewers had complained about the LOUD CRUNCHING SOUNDS, and a theater worker (that was standing with the officer) actually said “We don’t sell anything that LOUD!”, and that I’d have to put away the pork rinds if I wanted to enjoy the rest of the movie.  Now, though, with some theaters closed, and watching movies at home, or in the rv, I can CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH all I want, without fear of a bright light shining in my face, and being told to put my pork rinds away.

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