Wings On A Stick?

Chicken Wings

I read a story in the Times about some of the featured foods at this year’s Revel that you just don’t want to miss.   Nick Wooten wrote of five that were especially pleasing to his taste-buds, (article here:) and I was surprised only one was featured served On-A Stick.  On-A-Stick is the mac-daddy of fair and festival food concoctions, the feature that assures you that you are fully enjoying the fair-food experience with no holds barred.  Turkey wings, love ’em, but they ain’t on a stick.  Italian sausage smothered in onions and peppers on a soft steamy roll?  Keep ’em comin’ I am in heaven, but again sans-stick, non-baton!    Could there be a corn-dog without a stick?  Well hell no!  Sure as it’s not really a “popsicle” without a stick, just frozen flavored ice.  Steak On-A-Stick, Ribs On-A-Stick, Savory corn-on-the-cob, On-A-Stick…it’s a deuce!  I’m sure somebody has dreamed up more food on-a-stick ideas than my mind has room to manufacture, I’ve seen meatballs, cheesecake, popcorn shrimp  (or should it really be shrimps?)  I like the plural better for some reason, sounds more down-home to me…”Yeah, gimme one of them Shrimps-On-A-Stick!”  Grammar be damned when it comes to stick-food!

Now the Large Chicken and Waffles On-A-Stick you’ll find at the Revel, being served-up by Bracks Chapel, have me quite intrigued, and anxious for my Thursday afternoon Revel visit with the family.  Is the chicken inside the waffle?  Is it a layered kinda jobbie?  White or dark meat, and how do you handle the syrup thing?  Sounds like I’m in for a drippy sticky tart and tangy experience!





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