Why Was I PhotoBombed Wearing My Mask? Thanks For The Gifted Mask.

I appreciate the mask that was given to me from a mother & daughter at Dottie’s Delights Dog Treats in South Bossier City.  I haven’t worn my mask to any outside home locations… yet.  My wife photo bombed me in that photo, as she said rabbit ears are appropriate, since Easter is coming. I’ll schedule a crew to come and replace my garage door this week, and I might wear my mask at that time?  I have noticed more masks & gloves being used by customers in the grocery stores.  I haven’t worn masks or gloves, yet, though.  I am washing my hands, not touching my face & all of the other recommended guidelines.  I even leave my shoes at the door, and put on my LSU slippers to wear around the house.  Thanks to family across the river in Highland, for these slippers (Christmas gift).  Social distancing is being practiced in the grocery lines, too.  I’ve noticed younger shoppers are letting senior citizen shoppers move to the front of the lines.  That’s a nice gesture.  I’ve noticed a lot of people thanking “essential” workers in the grocery stores, restaurant curb-side services & all of the other “essential” workers, too.

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