Who’s Behind The Door?

I keep checking, and… there’s no one there.   Several times today, someone has knocked on my studio door.  Maybe, you’ve heard it in the background, when I did my (occasional) break.  When I’ve gone over to check and see who wants my attention, there is no one there when I open the door.  Weird!  I’d hate to think that where ever 98Rocks goes, there’s those haunting spirits (as were reported in the Old Haunted 98Rocks Studio at HauntLa.com & Vita magazine).  Of course, that’s not it.  Nuke, Bobby & Gary, don’t have to knock, before entering, so I know it wasn’t them.  Gene Simmons knows to knock, before entering.  Nuke Man will be along at 3pm, though, and we’ll see if the knocking continues this afternoon.  Don’t bother askng Gary Newell tonight.  Gary never takes off his headphones while he’s in the studio, so he won’t hear it.  We’ll get to the bottom of it, though.  Someone up here, has too much time on their hands.  Thanks for rockin’ (& knockin’) at work with me.  I’ll back in after Cook in the morning on 98Rocks.




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