Whole Foods

Amazon Prime customers in four cities in the U.S. can now have Whole Foods groceries delivered to their door in two hours.  An hour if you pay a surcharge.  If you live in Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas or Virginia Beach, let me know how that works out.  There’s a Prime account in my family that gets some use as I like to see the big brown truck pull up outside with some new gear for the home studio now and then.  How can it not feel like Christmas in July if you’ve just un-boxed a new microphone or effects pedal, or maybe camping gear or a nifty new cultivator for the garden?  The wife likes to order innovative housewares from China; bulbs that look like gaslights or devices that spew steam to clean your microwave.  Hey, whatever makes you happy.  I’m not averse to sending friends and loved one gift-boxed hams and desserts and such, but just couldn’t see myself actually buying fresh groceries online.  And coming from Whole Foods, well, doesn’t that kind of fly in the face of the whole “organic” thing?  I don’t know how it works of course, but I’d guess when you select your store, you see a representative image of say, broccoli or a mango, and then click to put it in your cart.  Not unlike buying a u-joint for an old pickup or a pair of ear-buds.  I’d want to at least see the actual fruit or pastry or fillet of salmon that was on its way.  Would you order sushi sight-unseen?  How about a nice ribeye?  Is that marbling real or photo-shopped?  Who’d know?  If it is convenient and works for those who have no desire, or physically cannot shop in person, then that is a good thing.  But if you’re ambulatory and know you’re going to need a fresh cabbage to go with your stew on Friday, why not plan to drop in and select one in person?  Get some bread too maybe and flirt with the clerk in the deli section.  You’ll get some exercise and you might even find a Valentine.  As a bonus, you can give that melon a nice squeeze to be sure it’s just right.  Online shopping can’t give us that experience.  Yet.  Eat, Live & Rock Healthy!!

“Somebody say time to eat?”



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