I’m still not over how the Saints lost last weekend. But the Conference Championships are on Sunday and I have to figure out who I would prefer to win. Jacksonville will be at New England with a 2:05 kickoff. Minnesota goes to Philadelphia with a 5:40 kickoff. I’m really tired of New England and don’t want them in another Super Bowl. I can’t stand Philly, so that leaves the Vikings and the Jaguars. I don’t have anything for the Vikings and that brings me to the Jaguars. Leonard Fournette from LSU is their featured running back. They are and have been a big underdog throughout the playoffs. These and a few other reasons are why I’m pulling for Jacksonville. I know the Saints should be playing Sunday, but we have to let it go. And we have to enjoy the last football we will have this season other than the Super Bowl. Man, I think I just depressed myself. Oh well, GO JAGUARS!