What’s Brewin’?

You probably have a lot simmering in your kettle again today.  Most of us do.  Doesn’t matter if you have a job to go to or are retired, we all have stuff to do.  And doing stuff leads to more stuff that has to be done.  I start thinking about the stuff I need to do each day sometime after the first or second late night bathroom break.  Sleep can be elusive if I don’t konk back out right away, as though my brain got a little jostled and is now ready for action.  Proposal to write?  Car needs service?  Should I call and check on Mom later?  Isn’t that big meeting today with the new clients?  Damn is that a cold sore starting to blossom?  I wonder what would be….Stop!  Cool the engines it’s only 1:45am too early even for me.  Give it a rest until 3, 3:30 okay?  I count my deep breaths and focus on slowing my heart rate.  Let go of all thoughts, just silence, darkness, ahhh, here comes the void, back to the emptiness, just at the threshold and then “WHOOO!!!  ‘WHOO-WHOO, WOOOOOF,   YEOOOOWWW!!!!  WOOOOOOF-HOOWWWWWLLLLLL!!!    I leap back into full consciousness to go seek out the storm troopers that must be converging on the property, based on Mocha the dog’s agitation level.  I rarely know.  One minute she’s at the foot of the bed utterly motionless, and then conniption city!  Me, I didn’t hear a car door, another dog, an acorn hit the roof, nothing!  So now I’m upright and letting her out the back door while my pulse slows back to normal.    She barks a few more times, runs around in a circle, pees and goes back inside to promptly jump right into my spot on the bed.  It was her grand design all along maybe.  Geez.  I eventually return to slumber with the smell of dog paws in my face, and awake refreshed and ready for whatever.  I’m still riding a good vibe from the weekend.  At the office it’s Rock-N-Roll providing the noise, not a barking mutt.  The aroma is one of burnt coffee because somebody left the pot on all night with an eighth of an inch in the bottom of it, again.

Talking about me again?




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