What’s A Normal Day?

Strange path many of us have been on for the past several weeks.  Lot of folks have had their lives tossed in a cosmic covid-19 blender, and found themselves in an unimaginable puree of insanity.  Jobs lost. Incomes gone, relationships strained.  You miss people you once worked alongside who are laid-off or blown-out entirely.  Or they die of this wicked illness.  You worry about  older folks, less-healthy folks and even those people you only encounter casually.  The friendly clerk at the convenience store, the UPS guy who is always good for a smile, a joke.  Being light of heart by nature, I’m a jokester who doesn’t take life too seriously most of the time.  But not now. Now is one of those unique times even a hearty sense of humor is tempered by the pain and apprehension we see, and many of us feel all around.  Nope, this pandemic comes under the no laughing matter  umbrella.  The tragic events that so often do are usually the ones that could receive a little soothing balm in the form of a deep belly-laugh, or at least a breathy chortle.  No, we will never “look back on this and think it’s funny.”  But the time will come for laughs.  The laughs of overcoming this scourge at last.  The laughs of long overdue reunions.  The laughs that turn to tears and then maybe sobs.  That’s what we’re holding on for; the joy that will come from surviving this and surviving with the ones we love.  The joy so profound it brings tears from the soul and speaks to the power within each of us to liberate ourselves from all fears, whether they originate from man, animal or our imaginations.