Whatcha’ Growing?

The Top Fruits and Veggies We’re Growing This Year

About a year ago, “victory gardens” started popping up more frequently, probably due to the pandemic, since lots of folks were working from home, and had the extra time to devote to gardening in general.  Some decided to give growing their own a whirl for the first time; a recent poll found 15% of Americans who currently have a garden started it during the pandemic.

So good for you!  I’ve been an avid vegetable gardener since long before I could legally drive.  Whether it helps to free your mind and pass the time, enhance the look of your landscape, ease the grocery bill and freshen-up mealtimes or add some outdoor exercise to your routine, you can’t beat the satisfaction of nurturing and harvesting your own backyard produce from scratch.  Or seed, seedling or bulb for that matter.

So what did we plant?  Here are the top ten fruits and vegetables people said they’re growing this year :

1. Tomatoes.

2. Cucumbers.

3. Peppers.

4. Lettuce.

5. Green beans.

6. Zucchini.

7. Carrots.

8. Squash.

9. Strawberries.

10. Potatoes.

I’ve grown all of the above (with varying degrees of success) at one time or another, in addition to eggplant, watermelon, pumpkin, okra, spinach, not to mention plenty herbs and flowers.  In that department, the top three herbs we’re growing are basil, rosemary, and mint.  And the top flowers are roses, lilies, and tulips.

No matter what you cultivate, from a rosebush to a plump strawberry, you’ll definitely not regret taking a little effort to turn some soil and let it grow.


Aerial view of the Cook’s veggie patch, squirrel-free thanks to Mocha.

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