What will the Foo Fighters play Sunday Night?

I’ve been able to find the set list for most of the concerts that have rolled through Shreveport-Bossier the last couple of years. You can go on-line and see what was done at previous shows over the past month and in most cases it’s pretty much the same. The Foo Fighters, or should I say Dave Grohl, like to mix it up a bit and even play 4 or 5 new songs a night. And they have a variety of “cover” songs they could throw in at any time. I think this is great! It keeps the band from stagnating and the audience never knows what’s coming. Sure there are certain songs that will be played every show and certain songs that fit better next to others from a logistics stand point, but I love the energy and spontaneity of “jamming” what you feel. Whatever they play at the Centurylink Center Sunday night, I know it’s gonna rock! Showtime is 7:30 and only a handful of tickets remained at midweek. See ya at the show!




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