What Practices Should Continue After the Pandemic Subsides?

In the past few weeks, how many times have you’ve heard “This, too, shall pass”, “Hang in there”, “Keep rockin'” etc. etc. etc?  Each time that I hear a phrase again, it always seems like it’s at a time when I needed to hear the phrase (again).  So.  Shall we take a moment & think ahead here now, though?  Sure.  Once we get to the “This, too, shall pass” stage…

What Practices Should Continue After the Pandemic Subsides?

  • Handwashing–obviously!
  • Restaurants: menus passed between customers should always be sanitized.
  • Grocery carts should always have sanitizer wipes.
  • “SOME” people should continue to practice social distancing? (There’s one in every crowd. You know who I’m talkin’ about? Sure you do.)
  • After work, as soon as you walk into your house, do like Mr. Rogers used to do. Take off your jacket ( & put it on a hanger) & put on your sweater… and take off your work shoes (and place them properly) and… FINALLY…. put on your sneakers.  Bonus info: I heard that Mr. Rogers put on his sneakers because, they moved quieter on the set.
  • It’s a beatiful day in the neighborhood. Won’t you be my neighbor? Sure.  So keep taking daily walks around your neighborhood.  Sure.

Can you think of some other practices that we should continue after the pandemic subsides?  Sure.  I bet you can.  Sure you can.    

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