We’ll Get Through This Together

Rockin’ you while you work on 98Rocks.  It’s great to walk in to a 98 Minute Commercial-Free Music Meltdown, that the Cookster started around 9:38.  So.  I get into the studio at 10am, and we continue the 98 Minute Commercial-Free Music Meltdown, until well after 11am.  And, I’m known to do some juggling, from time to time, to extend the “meltdown”.  Lots of rock while you work, has been the motto here for almost 35 years.  Around 11:50am, though, there’s always more concerts and festivals, as well as bands at the ArkLaTex night spots, added to the Gig Guide.  Oh.  I want to mention that you can get your band, concert or event, on the Gig Guide HERE.  Once it gets reviewed, your event will get on our Gig Guides that we do several times a day, every day.  There’s, also, our website Gig Guide with maps to the venues, and other links relating to the events, that were submitted.  Whether you’re listening to 98.1 on the radio, the 98Rocks app or online at 98Rocks.fm , you’ll hear our daily Gig Guides at 11:50am, 4:50pm, 7:50pm & 9:50pm.

Thanks for rockin’ with 98Rocks!




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