Just going to ramble away about the week so far.  Feels to me like I should be getting ready walk out the door and begin my Labor Day weekend.  Sure doesn’t feel like it’s only Wednesday.  Not a terrible week so far, just full of surprises.  “A grab-bag of bullshit” is how I referred to it to one co-worker earlier.  Fortunately, it was sales-ace Paul, and he fixed-me up with some Down Home Meats sausage to grill this weekend.  That helped a bit to ease the burn of mind-boggling intermittent auto problems (and the accompanying big bill), minor health issues, financial surprises (“I ordered what?”) and an overly flatulent dog.  That last one is also intermittent, but I figured I’d throw it in.  Besides, she likes the Down Home sausage too.  It causes no negative issues.  Good thing is the j-o-b rarely, if ever gets me down.  Some things maybe, like trying to find a board-operator to work on a holiday might bug me a bit.  (Did I mention we’re hiring?) But overall, I know what to expect here.  And by the way, it was on or about August 13 that I marked my 17th year here at the station. Mostly because I love the gig, and the people I do it with.  When I show up in the morning, I know what to expect.  No bank-balance surprises.  When I turn the key she fires right up.  When I bite into my sammich my tooth doesn’t come apart.  And it never smells of dog farts.


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