Couple quick words on the early blog to get the juices flowing.   Had a frosty windshield this morning, so if you don’t feel like scraping to start your day, plan on giving the defroster  extra time to do a melt-off.  Temps are right around 30 in town, crystal-clear winter skies, and again one of those “Chamber of Commerce” afternoons with highs in the low 60’s, wind around 5.  Have lunch in the park if you can, take the dog for a walk.  Enjoy, rain expected by late Friday, but then again….

Hittin’ the airwaves with plenty of tunes and things to talk about, another day of Cash Resolution Keywords, could be Doobie Brothers tickets to give away in my portfolio today too.  Tune-in and find out 6-10a.  Seeya on the radio & F-book.


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