Waiting For the Train To Pass -Railroad Car Art

There have been times, lately, when I’m faced with the challenge of having to wait, to get to where I want to be. 
When it comes to stopped traffic, waiting for the train to pass (like on Airline Dr or Bert Kouns), I find myself lucky that I’m closer to the train, instead of the 65th car that is in line behind me.  I always seem to be a lucky one that is close enough to enjoy the railroad car art.  Some of the graffiti on the side of railroad box cars, is quite good.  The side of a railroad box car, as the canvas for this art, is an area that someone spent time using, to express where they fit into this world (I suppose?).  Some of the art is really cool, and great work!  Some of the railroad car artwork, would make great album covers.  Some of the art, has had me raising my eyebrows and saying to myself “oooookay”.  Instead of being frustrated because the train isn’t passing fast enough, so I can be on my way to my destination,  I take the time to scout for more railroad car art.
Tom Michaels


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