I decided to share some random photos from around the home and garden.  Haven’t had many outdoor picture-taking  opportunities due to the rainy weather, so with Sunday being so perfectly mild and abundant of rays, I took a break from projects around the house, (give me sandpaper and flat-black spray paint, I’ll make anything Like Brand Nu!) sports on tv and slow-cookin’ up the perfect Momma’s Day ribs, to capture a few Spring-like images.  I’ll get rockin’ at 6am, til then, thanks for stopping by & enjoy!

(Monday 12:55pm: Hmmm. Seems I brought the incorrect camera-to-computer cable to the office this morning.  I have cables for every kind of device made I bet, but not the one I need right now.  No pictures to upload.  That means my final task of the day has been stymied!  Do I save this for later and write another blog altogether?  Wait until tomorrow and bring the correct cord with me?  Add the pictures when I get to the home office and post the blog then?  If you’re reading this in June, then something else probably attracted my attention and I just blew it off) 

(Monday 2:20pm:  Well, that cable should be right here on my desk with these others, but…Damn!  It wasn’t in the camera case, it’s not already plugged-in to my pc…did my absent-mind leave it in another room?  The camper? The vegetable drawer in the fridge? (Hey, you laugh now maybe….) Nope. Nope & nope.  Must have dropped it somewhere.  I’ll ask Shelley when she gets home, or better yet, I’ll figure out how to transfer my stuff via wi-fi.  It’s in the manual, I should be able to set it up. I think.  But first, a sandwich.)

(Monday 2:55pm:  One more time I’ll look around the office.  Maybe I dropped it behind the desk, or Kitty hid it under the…wait, oh man really?  What the hell, here it is hanging on a mic stand, right in front of my eyes the whole time!  Now I can finish my blog.  In a few minutes…)

(Monday 4:25pm:  Nice nap. I should add the rest of those pics and publish the blog, but it’s almost time for Jeopardy.)

(Tuesday 12:30pm: Here are the nature shots at last!)

Young cuke

Young pepper

Young lizard

Young tomato

Young robin