Use Your Social Distancing Tape Measure?

Why aren’t tape measures flying off of the store shelves like toilet paper, paper towels & hand wipes? Are you seeing folks carrying tape measures, while around others (working, grocery shopping etc)?  I haven’t seen that, either (yet).  The last I heard was, if you have to be out, and around people, to practice a 6 ft separation rule.  One of the crew (my youngest son) sent the photo – using his tape measure in the workplace.  I got my tape measure out of the garage, and now have it clipped to my belt.  I wonder what sort of reaction that I’ll get from people, if I extend my tape measure to 6ft, while I’m grocery shopping, and standing in the check-out line? I even thought about marketing “TomsMaHauL’s Multi-Purpose Social Distancing Tape Measure”, and donate profits to help in the fight against the CVirus-19, but I’ll leave that idea for someone else to do.

I do want to say – I know virus numbers are increasing, and that’s, mostly, due to A LOT more testing. Most people have milder symptoms (heal and do fine) but for those that are suffering severely from this virus, and for those that may have lost loved ones due to the virus, you are in my thoughts & daily morning prayers. To all others, I suggest – take care of yourselves & follow the safety guidelines.

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