The Unexpected Three Day Weekend…or When Did We Get President’s Day Off?

You have to love life’s little surprises…just found out that we as a company are off Monday for President’s Day.

I’m not exactly sure that I ever remember being off for President’s day.  It’s not like I work at a bank or for the government, but man it’s cool that the company has decided to take this as one of our official “paid days off”.

I suppose I should pay more attention to the company holiday calendar when it comes out in January. With the crazy holiday season over (I count it all the way up to Valentines Day, as each year it seems that family and friends don’t always travel to see me on the actual Holidays, but for the weeks before and after). It’s great to have a weekend to unwind without the pressure of hosting guests or cooking and cleaning.

This weekend will be dedicated to some fun times. The Mardi Gras parade, maybe a good frozen daiquiri, a Julie Ann’s king cake, and a good nap if there is a golf tournament on the TV. I might even sneak in some outdoor time with my dog. Perhaps I will work in the yard, and get ready for the spring onslaught of mowing, planting and projects. Okay, so now I am starting to stress myself out by planning things to do on my time off, so I had better wrap this up.

Do you have President’s Day off? Let me know in the comments below, and let me know if you are stressing yourself by over planning your holiday weekend as well!

What an awesome, unexpected treat! Just as the weather is getting nice, a day to play, or to just sleep in and enjoy the morning news and coffee in peace.

Here’s hoping you have the day off too!



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