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Poll Finds Americans Uneasy About Returning To Normal
  • A wave of sentiment to return to normal quickly from the coronavirus crisis has many Americans wanting to slow things down.
  • A new ABC News/Ipsos poll found a minority of Americans would go back to public activity if restrictions in their area were lifted tomorrow.
  • 44 percent said they would go out to eat at a restaurant. 21 percent said they would go to a bar, 20 percent said they would attend a large event at a stadium, 29 percent would visit a gym, 22 percent would go to a movie theater,  46 percent would attend church, 45 percent would send their kids back to school.
  • The only two activities that a majority said they would be likely to do were return to work (77 percent) and get a haircut (51 percent).
  • Rank your likelihood to do these things in the order you think would be the safest.
  • Here’s the story:

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