It seems like something I would be aware of, but up until today I had no idea there existed a TOY Hall of Fame.  It’s the Museum of Play, located in Rochester, NY.  The recent inductees are coloring books, Magic: The Gathering and my favorite Matchbox cars!  I had scores of them in my youth.  Sleek racers, sports cars and sedans plus all manner of trucks, construction and emergency vehicle.  Military stuff.  You name it, all neatly compartmentalized according to purpose in folding plastic suitcases, perfect for toting to school for show and tell.  Or to take across town on your banana-yellow Schwinn Sting-Ray to show-off to the gang.  “Whoa!  A Batmobile?  When did you get a Batmobile butt-brains?  Give it here I wanna check it out…!”    That’s usually a good line to exit on, especially if the guy who just spoke it is 5’10” and sportin’ a beard.  In third grade.  No worries.  Nobody ever caught me when I got that Schwinn up to full speed…those 20-inch tires smokin’ though suburbia.  I imagined I was the Caped Crusader himself.  Or maybe Steve McQueen.

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