Too Much Isolation

Maybe you’ve felt a little like this chair over the past several months.  Enshrouded. Restrained, stifled, inhibited.  You are not alone. Like this chair, now almost hidden beneath the growth, which usually is at the ready for many a get-together.  Usually occupied frequently.  Inviting whoever kicks-back on it to fully immerse themselves in camaraderie, a grilled delight or cool beverage.  Many an occupant has basked in the smoky warmth of a crackling wood fire while relating tales of an adventuresome life.  Before trying to find tp or a bottle of hand cleaner was considered adventurous.

Good to know that better days are starting to take shape, and we can be a little less distant while still being careful.  I am looking forward to getting real up-close to that patio chair, and undertaking to free it from the strangulation of the backyard flora.  It will take a little muscle and some sharp clippers, but soon enough it will ready to say “Hey, come have a seat!  Let’s catch-up on things.”  That’s an invite I am happy to accept these days…even from a chair.

Speaking of isolation…



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