Tom’s Travels- Geaux LSU Trip to Baton Rouge

What a weekend!  My sons, their ladies, the wife & I, all loaded into the Tom’sMaHaul motorhome and cruised I-49 South.  It was a pleasant & smooth ride.  But, then we got to Opelousas, Louisiana & took Hwy 190 to Baton Rouge.  In some spots, on Highway 190, the road condition is VERY bumpy and, could be worse than I-20 in Bossier City.  Also, DO NOT SPEED on Highway 190!  Many people get pulled over for speeding on that stretch of highway.  We enjoyed our stay at the Baton Rouge KOA.  We had a great RV spot.  We spent one afternoon going to the Louisiana State Capitol Building. It is the tallest state capitol building in the U.S.. We saw the House & Senate chambers, the bullet holes in the wall where Governor Huey Long was shot, and we took the elevator to the top of the Capitol building (where you could see for miles in all directions – GREAT view of the Mississippi River).  We also went to the Louisiana’s Old State Capitol building, that has been completely restored.  That was VERY cool to tour through that place!  We went to Tin Roof (local brewery near the LSU campus).  Of course, when in Baton Rouge, I like to stop in at T.J. Ribs.  That is where the only Heisman Trophy that LSU has ever won is, in a glass case.  Billy Canon won that Heisman trophy in 1959.  A new Billy Cannon statue is on the LSU campus now, too.  The family did some game-day tailgating on the campus, before the game.  We went to see the LSU Tigers and the LSU band, parade to the stadium.  We went to Mike The Tiger’s Habitat on the campus.  Very COOL!  And, though it rained, we had a GREAT TIME!  We had panchos and were prepared for the rain.  We stayed the entire game, though some left in the 3rd quarter, due to rain.  And, due to LSU putting an ass-whoopin’ on Ol’ Miss. I think some people leave early, to try to beat the post-game traffic.  After the game, we were in very slow-moving traffic for an hour, and might have gone 5 miles, so I understand why some people want to try to beat the traffic.  That’s why we stay in an RV spot at Texas Motor Speedway, when we go to the NASCAR races. We’ll be heading back to TMS October 31 – November 4.  Where we camp in the Texas Motor Speedway RV campgrounds, we kick back and grill, and watch all of the congested traffic go by.  But, on the return trip from Baton Rouge, we avoided many wrecks while driving back to Bossier City, on I-49 North, due to EXTREMELY HEAVY RAIN on Sunday.  I always enjoy time with my family.  Attitude of gratitude from me.  Thankful for such a strong family bond, like we have.

Photo of Baton Rouge Police Mounted Patrol passing our tailgate on the LSU campus  (Thanks Regan for emailing the pic)

Photo of Tom in the Senate Chamber at the Louisiana State Capitol – (Photo by Masinia)

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