Tom’s Thinkin’ Cap Is On.

I think… therefore I get headaches.  Seriously, though.  I was just thinking (of course, that can be dangerous), but I haven’t had the Tom’sMahaul motorhome out around the ArkLaTex, in the past few months.  That’s too long.  I won’t be going anywhere this weekend,  because I’ll be cleaning out a dusty attic, with all that old insulation, in Shady Grove.  I haven’t been up in that attic in YEARS!  I know my old air hockey game is up there.  I put it back in the box, with all of the parts, three decades (or so) ago.  If the air hockey game works, and the game table top is level, and there’s still a puck in the box, I’ll keep it.  I think my cat, Bubba, will freak out seeing that puck gliding around on the air!  That’s my motive for keeping the old air hockey game.  There are some old-timey metal ice chests in the attic, too.  I’ll dust them off, and they’ll look like new, I think?  There’s boxes with … stuff… in the attic, too.  I’ll discover what we put in those boxes (decades ago), because they’re not labelled, and I haven’t a clue as to what might be in those boxes.  There’s a folding cot bed, that looks to be Army style.  My old pup tent is up there, too.  It’s a military pup tent, that I got at an Army surplus store back in the early 70s.  I think the store was called Surplus City, in southwest Oklahoma, when I started my camping days in the Quartz Mountains.  My Dad was serving in Vietnam at that time, and I lived with my grandmother for those few years, but I wanted to experience what our troops were experiencing, so I bought an Army issue pup tent.  My Dad would send me stuff from Vietnam, including cans of rations, so I’d camp in my pup tent & eat military food rations.  I was just a kid.  I remember how thankful I felt, that my Dad made it back home safely.  Anyway.  That’s the thing about cleaning out an attic, or going through stuff that I haven’t viewed in many years.  There are memories attached to them.  I don’t mind getting rid of the stuff, but I’ll hang on to the memories.

Thanks for rockin’ with 98Rocks.  I know that I say that often, but in my mind, I can’t say it enough.  Attitude of gratitude, from me.  Lots to be thankful for.  We’ll keep you rockin’ on 98.1, and thanks to you for being a part of it all with us, for almost 35 years.  And, thanks to our service men and women, and our appreciation to our first responders, for playing a part of us rockin’ in the free world.  Rock on!




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