Tom’s Red River Cheese? Have You Seen It?

There’s some FUNKY FOAMY STUFF floating in the Red River.  I haven’t seen it in the Red River over the past 5 years, but it’s been there before. Have you noticed it, while driving along the Shreveport Clyde Fant Parkway or the Bossier City Arthur Ray Teague Parkway?  It looks like some sort of foamy stuff.  CAUTION!-DO NOT USE IT FOR SHAVING CREAM.  The thought crossed my mind to get in a boat and scoop some up, and market it as Tom’s Red River Cheese.  But, that’s why my thinking has always been known to be dangerous.

Photo of the sludgy looking (foamy) stuff in the Red River, from the Bossier City Teague Parkway boat launch.

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