Tom’s Newlywed Limo Service

Photo of our ’69 Malibu Chevelle, that was used to drive the newlyweds to their downtown Shreveport hotel, after the wedding reception.  My wife had fun decorating the Chevy glass, and my youngest son (and best man) Tim, attached empty Great Raft beer cans with strings that were tied to the back bumper.  My oldest son, Justin, and his beautiful bride, Regan, were excellent at the Friday night rehearsal dinner, that was held at the Levee in Shreveport.  The newlyweds were perfect at the Saturday wedding and reception, that was held at Agora Borealis, near downtown Shreveport.  There was a huge turnout of friends & family at the wedding and reception party.  Ki Mexico served up some great food for the party.  I’m very proud to have a daughter (in law) now.  It’s always great to hang out with the young folks, as my sons have a cool group of friends.  It was wonderful to meet my daughter-in-law’s side of the family, too (very nice people).

In the photo, are my sons and I, at the wedding location.  I’m very proud of both of my sons.  They’ve turned out to be very good young men.  An attitude of gratitude from me. Al Bono & folks with the the paparazzi took some goofy photos of me, while I danced at the reception, and I may, or may not, post them at 98Rocks Facebook.



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