Tom’s I-20 Launching Ramp Warning

It’s great to see more improvements to our roads and highways around Shreveport-Bossier City, and the rest of the ArkLaTex.  It is great that people can cross the Louisiana/Texas line, and experience smoother roads on both sides.  That wasn’t the case for many years.  It’s nice that travelers see the sign welcoming them into Louisiana, and then experience a smooth interstate (for some miles), instead of all of the patch jobs and bumps.  People leaving, and coming into Louisiana, won’t have to pull over to the left lane (a.k.a. passing lane or fast lane), because the right travel lane, is horrible.  I’ve noticed the road construction in that area, and am looking forward to the improvements.
I’m sure that you encounter poor road conditions in a few areas, if you make a lengthy drive into work, like some of us do? Some of the streets in the vicinity of downtown Shreveport, have been allowed to become extremely bad.  Driving through downtown Shreveport, has been good, though, due to the improved road conditions, after work was done over the past year.
Driving on I-20 through Bossier City, is not good at all, in many areas.  It used to be that Jackson, Mississippi, had the worst I-20 that I’ve driven on, but now I wonder if Bossier City’s I-20 is worse?  The worst is, what I call “the launching ramp“.  It’s on I-20 eastbound, as you approach the Barksdale Blvd exit.  Especially, if you take the Barksdale Blvd exit off of I-20 eastbound.  A VERY BAD bump there!  It’s been there for several YEARS! Either lower the speed limit to 25-30mph approaching that BUMPY exit, or fix it!  That’s what I think about that.
All in all, it is great to see more road crews,  with the hope of experiencing better driving conditions.


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