Tom’s High Water Blues…

Could be a good song about wearing “high-waters” (pants)?  I had some high-waters (pants) when I was a young kid.  I remember hearing a few kids joke,  saying things like “are you waiting for a flood?”  The river never flooded back then.  As a matter of fact, there were times that I could walk from Bossier to Shreveport, across the river bottom, because the water was so low.  Along came the lock and dams, and the river has never looked dry, since.  The casino riverboats came up the river, to park, and set up, in Shreveport & Bossier City.  But, I do remember, there was a time, especially in the area under the Jimmy Davis Bridge, when the Red River would be so low, that walking down in that area under the bridge, was possible.

Think back a few years, or so, ago.  The summer of 2015, I believe?  The Red River flooded, and sections of some roads along the river, were closed.  Homes near the river were flooded.  I thought that would only be a once-in-a-hundred years, situation.  Over the weekend, I stopped off at a parking area along the Bossier City Teague Parkway, and took the photo of the Shreveport Stoner boat launch.  Flooded.  With more water coming from the lakes, bayous and rivers that are north & northwest of Shreveport, the river rises, and add to that, the lakes overflowing in our area, with even more water moving to the Red River.  While watching the river yesterday, I noticed A LOT of floating trees and big branches.  I also noticed some sizeable whirlpools & a strong-flowing current in the river.

I would imagine that the rising water around Caddo Lake, Lake Bistineau, Lake o’ the Pines, as well as the Big Cypress Bayou (near Jefferson), is something that local home and business owners, are keeping an eye on.  The area flooding is not expected to be near as challenging as it was in 2015, though friends that live down around Coushatta, and other areas in that region, could experience some major flooding.

While looking across the Red River at the Stoner boat launch area, I recalled a good memory when 98Rocks did our “Will It Float Contest” from that boat launch.  It was a lot of fun!  One contestant built a boat, out of the supplies that were provided for the contestants, and he could have floated all the way to Natchitoches, I believe.  Some of the boats and rafts built, sank quickly, though.  All in all, it was a fun event.  If I’m recalling correctly, that contest was Nuke Man’s idea.

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