Nowsville, Peachy-King, Neatto-Mosquito, Far Out, Groovy, Daddy-O, Right On, Can you Dig it, Hip, Cool, That’s Heavy Man etc. I was in a recent conversation with some friends, while hanging out in a downtown Shreveport restaurant/bar. Somehow, the topic of fads and phrases came up. I, mostly, just listened to the conversation, as I’m always interested in observing how people connect their viewpoints or thoughts. But, after some listening, I chimed into the conversation, when one young friend asked what I was drinking. I said “This is a rad, cool, groovy, hip & far-out SODA POP”. That line got my foot into the door of the conversation. Who calls a soft drink a “soda pop” these days? Then, I added that, “when I was …oh about this high (imagine the height of an 5 year old), I was given a Beatles wig”. Someone was, actually, selling those wigs. I’ve been told that when I put that Beatles wig on, I said “Hoppin’ Boppin’ Snappin’ Bingo – John, Paul, George & Ringo”. I’m sure that one of the adults said “That’s cute”. I would have preferred them to say “that’s cool”. I would have loved Velcro Elvis Presley Sideburns. When I was about 14 or 15, I didn’t need a Beatles wig, or Velcro Elvis Sideburns, because I was capable of growing my own. And, as time passed, instead of buying a ZZ Top beard, I grew my own. My facial hair grows fast, as it only took a handful of months to have a lengthy beard. But, there have been many fad phrases & words that have come and gone, and new ones being created (as we speak). Which words and phrases have withstood the test of time? My #1 vote for the word that has withstood the test of time, is ….. “COOL”. That’s one word that I used at the very moment that I was born (I’m told), and I still use that word today. Sometimes, I slip up and say “that’s hip”. Oh. I get a accused of saying “that’s CHEEZY” a lot. Sometimes, I see or hear something, and the best way to describe it is … cheezy, cool… or, hip.  By the way, there is a photo in a secure lock box, of me (at about 5 years old) with my Beatles wig.  That photo is staying locked up, until I’m gone (then I won’t give a shi…. uh… sh – sh…shuckin’ jive, who sees it).  That ain’t no “shuckin’ jive” (there’s another one for ya’).

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