Tom’s CAUTION TIP #98.1 – It’s a GasGasGas Tip

The gas pump handles can be nasty.  For years, I’ve never paid much attention to it, and just used my bare hand to grab that gas pump handle.  I’ve mentioned it to others up here, and Cary tells me that he has ALWAYS had hand sanitizer in his vehicle, and used it after handling a gas pump handle.  One time, years ago, I recall handling a, sticky feeling gas pump handle, followed by me spitting in a paper towel that I pulled out of the dispenser under the garbage container, and then wiped my hands. I was asked why I did that, and I just said that’s the “poboy hand cleaner”.  Seriously, when you think about the thousands of hands that touch the gas pumps frequently, especially with gas prices getting closer to $1 a gallon, and you consider where all of those hands could have been, well?  So.  I stopped before grabbing that handle.  I pulled out one glove from a packet that my friend Mr. Stroud (from Gibsland) gave me.  I looked goofy, but I put that glove on one hand, to do the  card transaction stuff, and handle the gas fill-up.  My wife has given me some hand wipes to keep in my Jeep, so once I got in the Jeep, I used it on my hands, the shifter and around the steering wheel (getting the most out of one hand wipe).  Call me crazy, if you want? You wouldn’t be the first.

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