Tom’s BluePlate Guest: A Young Lady That Enjoys Her Job

You know about “3D” films, but what about “4D” films?  Glasses are needed to watch a 4D movie.  It’s a 3D film, but your other senses will FEEL some sensations of what you see in the movie.  That’s 4D.  That was the explanation from Alexis, who stopped by during the 98Rocks Blue Plate Special lunch hour rock and roll.  Alexis loves her job, as you could tell by the way she talks about how exciting everything is at Moody Gardens (Galveston Island), every time that she visits us at 98Rocks.  Moody Gardens is one of the biggest destinations in our region, and there’s good reason for that.  The huge pyramids, filled with exciting adventures (and learning) for all ages.  Add to that, the hotel, golf course & more!  Take a moment and check out their great, and very informative, website HERE.  This summer, what do dinosaurs, sharks, earthquakes, rain forest, aquarium, hotel … and MORE, have in common?  Moody Gardens – Galveston Island.

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