Tom’s A+ Shady Spot

I know.  I know.  In the photo, I look like a shady character.  But, I’m not wearing shades, which makes me less shady-looking right? Actually, after a stroll around Jefferson, and stopping by an artisan show in the courtyard at Made In The Shade, I found a quality, shady spot, with a fan, and took advantage of it.  My wife browsed around the booths, and I sat back and enjoyed some quiet time in the best, shady, spot around.  Some earrings and a small healing stone at a booth, ended up getting my wife’s attention, and then we went inside the store.

While inside the store, this was a first!  I, actually, found a shirt/top that I thought would look good on my wife, and she…  agreed.  98.1 % of the time, when I find something that I think would look good, that is when I’m informed that it is not her style, or wouldn’t look good on her.  When it comes to shoe shopping, I don’t, EVEN, think about finding some shoes, that I think might look good on her.  I suppose that I’m not a shoe-man.  Look at my shoes.  I wear what is comfortable to me.  And, what will hold up to rain, dirt, grease & more.  I do have a pair of shoes that I call my “beat-up shoes”, and those are for very dirty jobs.  And, I have my rubber boots, for when I’ll be stomping through muddy areas.

We had a great time in Jefferson.  I stopped by City Hall to say hello to Laury and the crew, while they handled their day to day duties, and I met the new Mayor. Then, a few hours later, I strolled down to the Port Jefferson Outpost to cool off with some ice cream, and guess who was behind the counter?  The new Mayor.  That guy is all over town, it seems.  I met up with one of our 98Rocks sales reps (Sarah) in Jefferson on Thursday, and we visited with the new owners of McGarity’s Saloon.  That is where I met Ken, and thanked him for his service to our nation.  Ken will, soon, retire from the Navy, after almost 3 decades of service.  Ken & his wife, Rachel, have moved to Jefferson, and decided to open McGarity’s Saloon.  Friday evening, my wife and I met up with the Cason family at KnightLight Tavern, for supper.  It was a very enjoyable time.  Saturday night, my wife and I found a few seats at the bar, at Auntie Skinners Riverboat Club, and we ordered our food, while watching the NASCAR night race, on the TV that was right above us.  #78, Martin Truex Jr., won the race.  Truex Jr. has been my wife’s favorite driver, since Truex’s early days in NASCAR, and even before that time.

This weekend, the plan is to stay close to home, in Bossier City, and maybe, cross the river into Shreveport for awhile on Saturday.  Expect the same ol’, sizzlin’, temperatures this weekend, too.  Highs around 100 this week.  When I’m out and about, I hope to find a shady spot, like the one with the fan, in the photo.  I’ll keep my eye out for one of those spots.  But, you may beat me to it.  That’ll be okay, though.  Enjoy it, if you do.
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As always, thanks for rockin’ while you work, or whatever you may be up to, this week.

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