Tommy Boy Is In The House

a.k.a. Tommy B. Bad.  a.k.a. Tom Michaels.  a.k.a Da’ Man.  Okay.  So.  ‘Nuff of ‘dat, right?  I’m back in the studio, doing the “More Rock While You Work” thang.  I like to call it a “thang”.  Because, that’s what it is.  It’s just a thang.  It’s my gig.  The best part of my work day is when I’m rocking you through your work day.  There are other duties that they have me do around the building, but right now, my focus is on lotsa rock while you work.  We all multi-task these days, right?  I see that I’m scheduled for greeting duties later this afternoon.  It’s only for an hour.  I’ll be in the lobby, greeting winners, and those with appointments, as they come by and enter our lobby in the Agurs area of Shreveport (near the downtown airport),  The helicopters that you may hear, could be from the area that is behind our building, or from the beginning of “Another Brick in the Wall”.  It’s all good.  Thanks for rockin’ with 98Rocks again today, while you work.  We’ll get through this thing together, now, won’t we?  You bet.  And, thanks for rockin’ on the 98Rocks app, and listening from the top of the website at


Tommy Boy.  a.k.a. Tommy B. Bad  a.k.a. Tom Michaels a.k.a…. I could go on an on, but….. let’s rock!



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