Did it fly BEFORE the Wright Brothers?

We went on an East Texas journey in the Tom’sMahaul motorhome, to the Longview area.  We enjoyed our stay at Fernbrook, and after spending the afternoons roaming around the area in the Jeep, we’d return in time to enjoy evenings in the Fernbrook pool.

Photo of Tom Michaels, getting in a little evening pool time, near Longview

One afternoon, we all agreed that we should go and check out the flying ship, that has an interesting story, and, supposedly, flew BEFORE the Wright Brothers got credit for the first flight.  I’ve seen this display, about 5 years ago, but my son had never seen it, so it was among our stops over the weekend.  Interesting story, about this flying ship.  A minister in Pittsburg (Tx) was inspired by something in the Book of Ezekiel, about building a flying ship that had 4 “wheel within a wheel” paddle wheels, powered by a four cylinder gasoline engine.  The tour guide at the museum, where there is a replica of the Ezekiel Flying Ship, said that it is reported that this flying machine flew 160 feet, between 10 and 12 feet off of the ground, in 1902.  A handful of local witnesses were present to view the flight (one year before the famous Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina).  The Ezekiel Flying Ship was put on a train to the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, and after the flying ship left Pittsburg, Texas, the train encountered a severe storm near Texarkana, and the flying ship was destroyed.  So, a replica of the Ezekiel Flying Ship was built, and it’s on display in the Northeast Texas Rural Heritage Center & Museum .   Pittsburg, Texas is also the home of Pilgrim’s Pride chicken.

Photo of Tom Michaels, with son, Tim, and Tim’s girlfriend, Missy, under the Ezekiel Flying Ship in Pittsburg, Texas.






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