Tom is Ready for the Wedding

Wednesday night, I met up with family at Great Raft Brewing in Shreveport.  My son, Justin, is getting married to Regan this weekend, and after many months of preparations, we’re at a point where we just welcome family that are flying in for the wedding weekend.  It’ll be great to meet some of my future-daughter-in-law’s family, as well as see some of my family (that are coming in from Boston, North Carolina, Destin Florida & deep south Louisiana).  My oldest son, Justin, works up here at the Alpha Media Shreveport radio stations, and my youngest son, Tim, is Justin’s best man in the wedding. I’m very grateful that my two sons are great friends, as adults.  Tim was one of the designated drivers, when Justin and a group of young guys, all went to Austin for Justin’s bachelor party weekend.  One of my duties, along with the rehearsal dinner preparations, is to be a chauffeur, and drive the bride and groom from the reception party, to a downtown Shreveport hotel, before they head out on their honeymoon trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas on Sunday.  Regan asked if I’d drive her and Justin, in our ’69 Chevelle, after the reception.  So.  I’m in search of a flat cap (like some professional chauffeurs wear).  Bobby Cook has some cool flat caps, so I may ask him where he gets his caps?  My son, Tim (Justin’s best man), will tie some empty Great Raft beer cans that we’ve saved, to the bumper of the ’69 Chevelle, as I drive from the wedding location, to downtown Shreveport.  There won’t be any open containers in the vehicle, but I’ll be dragging plenty of them, behind the Chevy.  Other than being on the cold side, this weekend, the weather looks great.  Thanks to Regan, for the photo of me at the painting on the wall at Great Raft.  It was great to see some friends, when I stopped in at Great Raft, including Bobby’s son, Zak.  Zak is fine young man, and a fellow Jeep driver.  You’ll, probably, see Zak when you stop in at Great Raft.  He’s always working around there.  Oh.  By the way.  I saw a new style Great Raft cap on the shelf that I liked, and maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas?

Once the wedding weekend passes, I’ll plan to take the next weekend, and get the Tom’sMahaul motorhome back out on the road, somewhere in the ArkLaTex (like I always enjoy doing, as much as I can).   My wife and I will need a break, before shifting gears from the wedding event, and prepare for family around Christmas.

Tom Michaels



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