Tom is “wasupping”

Wassup?  When’s the last time that you heard that?  I remember when that was “the thing” to say.  A good friend wouldn’t even use the first half of the word “Was-sup?”.   He’d just say “SUP!”.  He still says that.  I just take it that, he got stuck in that space in time.  I’m sure that you know people that just seem to get stuck in some space in time, right?  You might even work with a few of them, like I do here.  But, that’s okay.  Whatever makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, through this life.  I’ll tell you wassup, though.

  • Lots of rock while you work, as always
  • The Gig Guide around 11:50 (before lunch) from Pipes Emporium
  • The Blue Plate Special, like we’ve done over 3 decades, and Down Home Meats (Stonewall, La) has been a part of our lunch hour for almost two decades.
  • Congratulations to Peggy Shirley, winning our Valentines Love On The Rocks contest!




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