Tom Is In The Building –

I’m heading to the Rock Room (98Rocks studio).  I had some other duties to handle up on in the building, but now I get to the best part of my workday.  Rockin’ you while you work.  Tickets to some area concerts, and other events, are in my briefcase.  I’ll pass some of the tickets out, during the 98 Minute Commercial-Free Music Marathon. I’d like to say that 2 thousand bucks are in my briefcase, but that money is in the company vault, though we’ll give away that money today with my 2 Cash Clean Sweep keywords (a $1000 with each keyword – 11am & 2pm). My cans are in my briefcase, too.  A lonely pair of headphones.  In the business, some of us call them “cans”, instead of headphones.  The updated Gig Guide (area concerts, events, local bands etc) will be right before the lunch hour Blue Plate Special rock.

I’ll miss Poochamania this Saturday in Benton.  That day is my 39th wedding anniversary.  I proposed to her, at the Duck Pond.  Originally, I proposed at a Wendy’s on Mansfield Road, but decided to try again, at the Duck Pond (which worked, because she said “YES”).  Saturday evening, my sons and their ladies, will join my wife & I, for a nice anniversary dinner (my treat).  We got married on Barksdale Air Force Base, at the base chapel.  The “honkin’ padre” was the priest/pastor.  He was also a racer at Boothill, during those days. At the reception, one of my best friends, let the air out of all 4 tires, of my get-away vehicle.  It’s funny now, but I was a little pissed at the time.  My new father-in-law loaned me his car, and took care of getting air in my car tires that day.  Our honeymoon, that night, was at a hotel in downtown Shreveport.  I swooped her up, and carried her into the hotel room, and … the window unit air conditioner was in pieces on the floor. So.  Back down the elevator, and to the front desk, we went.  The issue was corrected within 15 minutes, and we headed back to the room.  We enjoyed some beverages by the pool that evening.  You have to know, that anything that has to do with me, is going to be an adventure, right?

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.  Thank you for rockin’ with us.




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