Tom Incognito for Halloween, as rockstar “Heady Money”

Halloween parties all over the place between now and Tuesday night.  My better-half (MUCH better behavior than I display) is the Good Witch of East of the State Line, and I am… rock star Heady Money.  Don’t be fooled by the photo with my money tophat, and money clip on my tie, though.  My pockets aren’t that deep.  Not as deep as they are on the pants that I wear, when I’m sneaking balls off of the pool table (while you’re distracted by others), to assist in my billiard victory.

I’ve given away a lot of prizes, money, tickets etc etc, over the years, but never have won anything… EXCEPT, when I won that furry money tophat at a Dave & Busters, during one of my January Chili Bowl trips to Tulsa.

Tom Michaels



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