Tom Feeds Gators In Swamp People Country

How do you get the wild gators to dance on da’ bayou? 

I went down to see my Momma (near Morgan City, Louisiana).  When I get down that way, I feel the need to get back to the beautiful swamp and marsh area of deep South Louisiana.  I took the Cajun Man’s Swamp Tour this time around.  We had a great time feeding the gators.  We enjoyed the many (various species of) birds, huge snapping turtles, snakes & learning more about the various types of trees, as well as the history of the people in the swamp region of our state.  Cajun Man is the captain of the boat, and an EXCELLENT story teller.  He also answered every question that was asked by various people in our group.  Unlike the show “Swamp People”, there are not subtitles when Cajun Man speaks. Though he spoke with a heavy Cajun accent, we all understood every word that he said.  We put pieces of raw chicken meat, on the end of the stick.  Cajun Man would call out to Boudreaux and the other gators in the swamp, and say “Come over heuh!!!!”, and they’d come over to the boat so we could take turns feeding the gators.  This man knows the swamp better than most, and had a name for each gator, and they seemed to know his voice when he’d call them by name, and yell “Come over HEUH!”.

Often, when I attend places in our region, you’ll hear me say “That’s a do-over”, meaning I shall return (and likely with more family and friends).  Well, the journey through the South Louisiana swamps is, DEFINATELY, a “do-over”.

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