Tom Einstein Virus Report: How About Curb-side Barbers Until We Can Go Inside?

Who needs a haircut, after the Cvirus stay-at-home weeks?  GootGawdOMightee I DO!!!  Land-O-Goshen my head o’ hair is going wild wild WILD!!!  I’ve gone from wearing one of the caps from my ballcap collection, to wearing my old, scratched-up, football helmet, when I go to run errands, heading into work or at the gas station to administer the gallons and gallons of lower priced gas into the motorhome.  The helmet pushes the hair closer to my head so it’s kind of matted close-like when I pull it off.  Oh – I pull out a pair of gloves that Steve (in Gibsland) gave me, before I reach for the gas pump handle to take advantage of the lower-priced fuel.  I have a big package of those gloves.  Thank you, Steve! Anyway.  Back to the topic at hand.  When either one of my few favorite barber shops open, I’ll camp out at their front door the night before, and be first in line the next morning when they open.  I’m serious!  I thought about buying billboard space along the highway, and placing my Tom Einstein hair billboard ABOVE one of those “Get Gordon Get It Done” lawyer billboards.  I’m serious!

Even more serious, though, is this thought.  I’m encouraged by some of the news that I’ve been hearing lately, that better days are ahead, and we can (soon), carefully, get out and about again.  At risk folks should continue to take every caution necessary.  I just want this horrible time to pass.  I want ill folks to recover.  I’m, still, losing sleep over the thought of the thousands of lives lost in this war on the virus.  Even with some better news, lately, I’ll still have the thoughts of social distancing & other cautionary measures, when I get out and about.  I know there is A LOT of b.s. (bogus stuff) in the news, but as far as that goes, I’ll stick to my theory of taking what I can use, and leaving the rest.  I keep up the praying for better days.  That’s just me, though.  It works for me.  C’MON BETTER DAYS!!!

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Thanks for stopping by and looking around at , too.   I appreciate the many emails that I’ve received from that website in recent weeks.  We’ve been honoring the stay-at-home time, and respecting social distancing & everything, but with Texas opening up their parks and other places, and if Texas will let me across the state line, I’m rollin’ the TomsMaHauL motorhome that way.  The TomsMaHauL motorhome is clean (so clean that it looks sterilized), and our crew is sanitized (&, possibly, psychedelicized) too, so no fear from us, okay?  I’m encouraged that some close friends south of Shreveport, & in the Haughton area, are now recovered and back at their jobs.  My prayers for them were answered, as I had hoped.