Toiletry Synchronicity & The Zen Of Water-Pik

Some mornings, it all comes together.  Not necessarily my on-air performance, that’s for sure.  What comes together is the perfect sequence of numerous mundane events happening at just the right time to get me behind the microphone at six am.  Mostly, I just put myself in motion a little after four o’clock and see what happens.  That early hour alone might seem the “hard” part to a lot of people, but unless I’ve badly misbehaved and stayed up well past, oh nine-thirty, I have no problem with the hours I keep, rarely needing to hit the snooze alarm.  I need to get busy as soon as my eyes are open, because not long after the that the mind will be full-on and sleep won’t be an option anyway.  I’ve got a lot of procrastinating to fit into a few short hours, before I have to head up here and do my procrastinating on the clock.  First thing is activating the Keurig, and stepping out with the mutt to check the scene.  Nice mornings mean I’ll probably ride the bike a few blocks after I finish that first morning mug.  Probably turn on the tv on the patio out back and check the news and weather for a few minutes, then inside to throw a few snacks together for the day, maybe make a sandwich or toss a few grapes in a zippy.  Might head outside again for a few minutes, especially on a clear starry morning, where I might kill twenty minutes with my eyeball stuck to the telescope.  Check the e-mail or look in on social media?  Better not if I don’t want to be late, because by now it’s after five, and the hygiene part of the morning needs to get underway.  Quick shower as usual.  And here comes the synchronicity;  I used the absolute last fragments of a bar of soap in the shower.  Shampoo?  Had to stand on the bottle to get the last bit out.  Same with conditioner.  Not enough for the beard, even!  Then, I squeeze the last .02 grams of toothpaste onto my brush.  Finally, I grab the deodorant (Old Spice stick, what else?) and apply the last mil of product to my pits as the applicator pops-out and falls to the floor.  Whoa! Shampoo, conditioner, soap deodorant and toothpaste in the same session.  Pretty cool, I remember myself thinking.  Maybe this would be a good day to get an extra lottery ticket.  Well, it wasn’t, and the rest of my day was unspectacular.  But still.  Maybe if I’d have used the last of the toilet paper…

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