TMI?  Not Here!

Too Much Information…you hear people say it all the time, when a casual inquiry about one’s overall condition (i.e. “How ya doin’?”) leads to a way-too detailed narrative of the latest bout with food-poisoning, ‘roids or ingrown toenails. Hey, I care right?  Just not THAT much.

But that sometimes overabundance of personal info isn’t all we are bombarded with each day. Much more oppressive, I think, is the non-stop torrent of electronic media we subject ourselves to, whether willingly or as a work mandate.  Communication is vital of course, and it comes at us relentlessly on the screens of our computers, tablets, tv’s and phones.  Massive sky-blocking billboards blinking live-action full color enticements citywide.

Sometimes it is in the interest of your mental health to just shut-off the information stream.  If you are among the hesitant to try, then today is your official invite!  It is Information Overload Day! A date not to bask in the information, but take a step backs.  Try it, if you dare, and see what blissful ignorance might have to offer.

With that, I’ve said enough.  Besides, you don’t really want to hear anymore, do you?

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