Ticking Away the Moments?

“Physicists Say Time Might Not Exist.”  That’s headline that caught my 4/20-enhanced attention while going about my daily routine of scouring the overload of internet information, trying to find something informative, entertaining and somewhat thought provoking.  But I’m not averse to tossing out something different just to take up space.  Taking up space takes time too, the subject of the article.   Believe it or not, whether time exists is a hot topic of debate among quantum physicists – one centered around the concept of ‘loop quantum gravity’. Researcher Sam Baron says the idea of quantum gravity seems to “remove time as a fundamental aspect of reality.”  However, just because it can’t be explained by science doesn’t mean it’s not real.  As Baron writes, “Theories of physics don’t include any tables, chairs, or people, and yet we still accept that tables, chairs, and people exist.”   What would it mean if time didn’t actually exist?  That’s something to ponder, especially when 4:20 rolls around this afternoon.   Unless it already has…

Boggle your mind properly, check out the story here:  https://scitechdaily.com/time-might-not-exist-according-to-physicists/

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