Throwin’ Back Some Thursday

Holy cow it’s already June 17th!  Just back from a short sabbatical, and ready to update the blog.  Here are a few notable events from the history books.  Maybe bring back some memories.  Well, except for these first two…

246 years ago – In 1775, the Revolutionary War’s Battle of Bunker Hill went down near Boston.  The Americans were led by Colonel William Prescott, who told his troops, “Don’t fire till you see the Whites of Their Eyes.”

136 years ago – In 1885, the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York City.  It was a gift from France.

49 years ago – In 1972, President Dick Nixon’s downfall began when five “plumbers” were arrested for breaking into the Democratic national headquarters in the Watergate Hotel.

38 years ago – In 1983, “Superman III” was released.  That’s the one starring Richard Pryor, where Christopher Reeve fights an evil version of himself.

27 years ago – In 1994, The O.J. Simpson Car Chase!  95 million Americans watched the eight-hour police chase of O.J. Simpson.  He then threatened suicide and refused to leave the white Ford Bronco when it arrived at his home in Brentwood, California.

Some celebrity birthdays:

K.J. Apa is 24.  Archie on “Riverdale”.

Kendrick Lamar is 34.  Pulitzer Prize winner.

Jodie Whittaker is 39.  The first female Doctor Who, a.k.a. the 13th Doctor.

Arthur Darvill is 39.  Rip Hunter on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”.

Venus Williams is 41.  Tennis star.

Will Forte is 51.  He IS MacGruber . . . and The Last Man on Earth.

Jason Patric is 55.  Corey Haim’s brother in “The Lost Boys”.  And Sandra Bullock’s love interest in the franchise-killing “Speed 2: Cruise Control”.

Erin & Diane Murphy are 57.  Twin sisters who shared the role of Tabitha on “Bewitched”.  They were fraternal twins, not identical ones . . . so, when they started looking less alike, Diane was fired, and Erin got to keep the job.

Greg Kinnear is 58.  “Little Miss Sunshine”“As Good as It Gets”, and “The Last Song”with Miley Cyrus.

Bobby Farrelly is 63.  One half of the fabulous Farrelly Brothers, the comedy geniuses behind “There’s Something About Mary”“Kingpin”“Dumb and Dumber”“Shallow Hal”“The Three Stooges” and “Dumb and Dumber To”.

Mark Linn-Baker is 67.  Cousin Larry on “Perfect Strangers”.

Joe Piscopo is 70.

Barry Manilow is 78.  True living legend behind Copacabana (At the Copa)Mandy, and I Write the Songs.

Also, today is National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Have a yummy day!










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