This Veggie Eats Meat!

This is a carnivorous pitcher plant.  We “rescued” it from Florida last fall, after it had been blown around in the storms at my Brother & Sister-In-Laws’ nursery.  It was on the ground in a tiny little pot with only a few leaves remaining, so we weren’t sure it would make it.  It spent the winter in our bathroom window and gained enough strength to be moved into its current bigger pot on our back patio.  As you can see, it has become pretty hearty, and those “pitchers” what botanists call pitfall traps, open their lids at maturity, and use both enticing coloration and nectar to lure insects in, where they drown and are digested for the benefit of the plant.  They are photosynthetic, but are native to areas with poor soil, so the extra nitrogen they can garner from a juicy fly, wasp or spider is not wasted.   This fella is getting big and producing more traps every day, so it’s hanging in a spot that sees a lot of wasp and fly activity.  Eat heartily, we hate them buggers, and there’ll still be plenty left for the birds and lizards. Thanks for reading and listening & keep on growin’ stuff!



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