This Could Get Ugly

Two goofy looking men in ugly looking Christmas cardigans and sweaters (complete with matching red bow tie and a classy mustache) stand looking awkward for a holiday photo. Damask style vintage wall paper in the background. Horizontal with copy space.

Time to bust the seal on that space-saver bag, pop-open the plastic bin or do an archaeological dig through the closet, attic or moth-balled bottom drawer where that treasure of all gaudy holiday treasure’s resides, The Ugly Christmas Sweater!   As I’ve written before, I’m a sock guy, and kinda partial to holiday themed ties, but not so much the “ugly” sweater.  Maybe it’s just because there’s so much real estate there.  Rudolph and the reindeer gang on my socks, or Frosty frolicking on an ice-blue necktie is the kind of fashion understatement that’s usually more my speed.  Subtle, not blinking with LED’s or blasting tinny metallic carols through unbelievably tiny speakers.   You’re not going to conceal a big old ugly Christmas sweater though, and that’s the point.  Go ahead, show me yours, and I’ll show you mine is just as ugly.  It evens the playing field at the office gathering a bit, doncha think?

This year the capable staff of front office folks (ladies who take care of the details, for those of us who are lucky to remember to wear socks) has added a twist to our long-held potluck Christmas gathering.  Yes, it’s an official ugly sweater event!  Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.  Plus we will enjoy games, prizes and surprises!  Well I’ll just have to sway from my usual understated ho-ho-accessorizing in that case.  Everybody brings food, plays games and dresses goofy for a couple of hours?  Hey,  I’ll don the gaudy, blinking monstrosity I keep for just such occasions and wear it with joy!  We each only get a limited number Christmases,  and I hope however you choose to celebrate yours that it brings you joy as well.



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