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Poll: Most People Think Life Will Return to Normal in 6 Months
  • Most U.S. residents think life will return to a “relative sense of normal” in six months.
  • That’s according to a new PBS/NPR poll, which also reveals a majority of Americans are worried about a second coronavirus wave. While 65 percent believe the country will recover in half of a year, nearly one-third believe it will happen sooner. However, 1 percent of residents believe life will never return to the way it was, the poll indicates. Oddly, another 1 percent say they haven’t even noticed a change.
  • Of those polled, Republicans seemed to be more optimistic about the pandemic, with 20 percent saying things will be back to normal within a month. Only 1 percent of Democrats agreed, according to the poll. “People are limited by their caution, not just by the restrictions,” says Harvard Medical School’s Michael Chernew. “Even if there’s a minority of people who feel we should be getting back to normal, it’s hard to get back to normal when a significant portion of the people don’t feel that way.”
  • How long do you think it will take for life to return to normal? What things do you expect to stay permanently changed?
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