The Zen of Volunteer Time

On Tuesday I joined other members of the Alpha Cares Volunteer Team to assist the Shreveport Volunteers of America in wrapping  hundreds of Angel Ornaments for Christmastime.  Now I love playing “Elf” for the Holidays, but this was definitely next-level stuff.  Box after box, precisely the same size, and pre-cut paper and ribbon was provided so their was no guess-work, measuring or waste.  Just a zen-like repetition, and the kind of gloriously refreshing conversation you might only hear among co-workers in an “out of the office” setting such as this.  Only one over-arching goal: wrap, wrap and wrap some more.  All departments as one department. All tape dispensers the one tape dispenser.  A dozen hands reaching, folding, taping, passing paper and ribbon and boxes between each other in a symbiotic ballet of efficient cooperation.  If only we could get Congress to function as such, huh?

Volunteering is a big part of what we do here at Alpha, and if you have time on your hands, we encourage you to put it to the best use, and volunteer.


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