Bruno!  Yup, he sings and dances and can even play an instrument with his beak.  Yeah beak. I’m not talking about the Grammy Bruno.  I don’t know any of that guy’s stuff.  He’s not on my playlist.  The Bruno I know is a colorful performer though and he pretty much lives on trail-mix.  Here’s Bruno:

Bruno is my daughter Jessica’s Panama Amazon parrot.  He spends his time between her place and with me and the wife.  I’m guessing he’s been in the family maybe six years.  (I’ll catch it now for not remembering his exact birthday, or is it hatch-day?)  No worries, he’ll have plenty of them since these little chickadees can live to darn near a hundred.  The fruit & nut diet could explain some of that.  That and the fact he gets plenty of exercise, even with clipped wings that don’t allow him too much flight. He could probably live on bacon cheeseburgers and still make 90.  He likes guitar solos, SRV and Clapton especially it seems, and can really bust a move on the dance-perch. He probably knows some tunes by that other, Grammy winning Bruno.  Not me, so my awards show blog has certainly been for the bird(s).  Until next time, it’s time for me to fly…

-Bobby Cook

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